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Glass blowing equipment, particularly for producing scientific glass instruments, usually consists of an annealing oven, a blowhose assembly, borosilicate glass, burners, calipers, corks, a cutting tool, a diamond scribe, and protective gear.  These glass blowing tools can also be used for glass blowing art, but artistic glass blowing techniques often require different types of glass materials.  Glass-Blowing.Net offers a comprehensive list of inexpensive quality glass blowing equipment and materials that can be used for both scientific and artistic glass blowing purposes.

Glass-Blowing.Net also provides useful tips and techniques for properly handling these glass blowing tools and materials in order to produce high quality glass products.  Glass-Blowing.Net is also dedicated to providing safety reminders and tips so as to keep your glass blowing ventures safe from accidents and the like.  Glass-Blowing.Net has included a list of cost-effective protective gear that are used by professional glass blowers since consumers like you need these tools in order to keep your glass blowing ventures safe at all times.


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